Umstead 100 Volunteer Gifts

Ballpoint pen with race name
Bandana topo map of the course
Bandana with Umstead 100 logo
Beach towel with Umstead logo
Carabineer flashlight (good for key chain or purse)
Cinch drop bag (limited supply)
Decal with race logo for car window
Duffle cooler (holds 12 cans)
Fanny pack (small pouch)
Flashlight (200 lumen, handheld)
Flashlight (small with race logo)
Gaiters with Umstead logo
Gym bag large/medium
Hat - tech, running, tan, sun flap, race
Head wrap/Buff (limited supply)
Headband fleece 
Heartwood box for roll of postage stamps (limited supply)
Hydration Pack (70oz, camelback like - large supply)
Ice Cream scoop
Magnetic Decal with race logo
Pocket knife with Umstead 100 logo
Shirt, denim (male and female)
Shirt, polo (several colors/sizes)
Shirt, race t-shirt
Shirt, with ultra running golden rules
Skull cap
Sling bag (limited supply)
Sweatshirt full zip men's (black and red)
Sweatshirt full zip women's (pink and Carolina blue) 
Tervis tumbler (limited supply)
Tote bag (2 types)
Travel Mug (stainless steel with Umstead logo)
Umbrella (limited supply)
Vest - red fleece, men's and women's sizes
Visor - tech, running, gray
Wind jacket (with Umstead logo - men's and women's - limited supply)