Would you run 100 miles for a belt buckle? 8-)

All runners who finish the 100 mile Umstead Ultra will receive a "Hundred Miler" finisher certificate from the North Carolina Ultra Running Association that's suitable for framing, and can choose between either a belt buckle or a silver pendant as their reward.

Runners who have previously received a buckle or pendant and finish the race will not be awarded an additional buckle or pendant. This is to keep our entry fee as low as possible.

The Umstead 100 buckle is more expensive than many other races' awards, due to the high quality material and the handcrafting of each buckle. Likewise, the pendant is of very high quality and is made of solid sterling silver or 10K gold for the champion pendant.

We will also present an acrylic triangle award to the first place male and female 50 mile finishers. Individuals who finish the 100 are not eligible for the 50 mile awards.

Finishers may purchase additional buckles, pendants, or acrylic triangle awards either at the race or by mail.


Please use the Award Order Form (PDF) to purchase a belt buckle, pendant, or acrylic triangle.

The deadline to order the acrylic triangle award is two weeks after the Race.

If you have any questions about the awards, contact the

Examples of the awards will be on display at registration.

Exceptions to the Rules... or possibly just more rules

The exception to the one-award rule is that another buckle or pendant will be awarded if a runner finishes a future race in one of these special categories:

Finishes prior to 2004 do not count against the one-award policy; you're awarded a buckle/pendant for your first finish after 2004.