North Carolina Ultra Running Association

The North Carolina Ultra Running Association (NCURA), a 501c(3) nonprofit, is the governing board established to promote the sport of ultra running in North Carolina and serve as the sole corporate entity and organization responsible for the ownership and management of the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run.

NCURA Board members

Race Director

Rhonda Hampton
4937 Tuckahoe Trace
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Headquarters/Aid Station #1

Assistant Race Director: Joe Lugiano

Race Captain HQs AS: Jennifer Ennis

Race Captain Emeritus: Sally Squier

Assistant Race Captain HQs Aid Station Inside: Guido Ferrari

HQ Night inside / Race Captain Emeritus: Jerry Dudeck

Race Manager: Linda Banks

Associate Administration: Bill Burns


HQs Kitchen Manager: Renee Guynn

Associate HQs Kitchen Manager: Nick Dishler

Chief Chef Friday Supper: Dave Cockman

Assistant Chef Friday Supper: Guido Ferrari

HQs Kitchen Night Manager: Dale Tiska

Pancake Man: Ben Dillon

Aid Station #2

AS#2 Race Captain: Chris Squires

AS#2 Night Captain / Race Captain Emeritus: Tom Newnam

AS#2 Night Captain: JT Newnam

AS#2 Night help: Charlie Barnes

AS#2 Photographer: Hope Squires

Time & Tech

Race Statistician: Joe Lugiano

Chief Timer and Results Webmaster: Mike Dacar

Assistant Timer: Doug Hensel

Results Webmaster Emeritus: Ron DalPezzo

Facebook Monitor and On-Line Registration Guru: Ben Dillon

Web Guy: Chris Barrett

Course Support

Course Captain: Bill Parquet

Course Chaplain Emeritus / Course Captain Emeritus: Charlie Barnes

Course Coordinator: Mike Waldvogel

Associate Course Coordinator: Rene Haagen

Race Support

Registration and Awards Coordinator: Will Brown

Associate Registration and Awards Coordinator: Linda Banks

Front Equipment Manager: Jim Murphy

Rear Detachment Commander: Angela White

Rear Detachment Equipment Manager: JD Prather

Pacer Coordinator: Elizabeth Werner

Volunteers Captain: Jeannie Armagost

Volunteer Gifts and Merchandise Sales Manager: Rebecca Sitton

Merchandise Procurement: Juliet Cleaves Brundige

Associate Merchandise Procurement: Jennifer Frahm

Parking and Cabin Coordinator: Billy and Carol McClain

Publicity/Race Coverage: Teri Saylor